About Me

Hello and welcome! My name is Bari Horton. 
I am a certified Third Degree Reiki Master Therapist within the Usui Shiki Ryoho Method of Natural Healing. 

I love Reiki! I was called to Reiki primarily to aid in the healing of others. A powerful side effect, however, is that when acting as the vehicle for which life force energy flows, the practitioner also receives this wonderful healing energy! Actually, Reiki found me rather than me finding Reiki. My background is in insurance and retirement planning! I have a BS from Michigan State University and worked in human resources for a number of years and then moved into insurance and retirement planning. I was not looking to make a career change at all but I was called to Reiki without even knowing what it was! Once I read about it, researched it and talked with a Reiki Master, I knew it was meant for me. I feel blessed to have the ability to work in both arenas as it truly gives me balance between the finite work in the business world and the mystical/healing work in my Reiki practice. I practice Reiki very prayerfully and deliberately on a daily basis and bring it to everything that I do. When doing so, I feel my connection to God, Spirit, Source, Universal Life Force deepen and strengthen. I was truly “called” to this ministry and have embraced its meaning and hope to touch your life with the spirit of positive energy, hope, and light. I hold Reiki with great respect and understand that our own healing is up to each one of us, and not up to anyone else. When we are open to Reiki healing, we are connecting to a positive energy flow that supports us toward total balance and thus allows us to move into a place of peace, truth, and healing within our body, mind, and spirit. I welcome the opportunity to help you on your own path to healing, hope, and light!